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Welcome to Fremont Therapy Group

Physical, Sports and Hand Therapy

Why Choose Fremont Therapy Group?

Our Licensed Staff

Patients enjoy working directly with licensed clinical professionals at every visit. Patients can expect to work with the same highly skilled professionals throughout their care with us.

Our State of the Art Facilities

We operate in modern structures, built specifically for delivering physical and occupational therapy services, and include private treatment rooms, expansive gym facilities, heated aquatic therapy pools, handicap accessibility, and heated entry.

Our Treatments

Our therapists pursue specialized training and certifications in the following areas listed below.

Our Services

Our Testimonials

quote Excellent. Courtney is the best therapist I've ever had. Knowledgeable, kind and so caring. She spends 40 minutes physically working on my frozen shoulders!! I've never had a PT work as hard and diligent as Courtney. I'm truly encouraged by her.

quote The entire experience from walking in the door to leaving was excellent. Even the therapists I had no contact with were friendly & welcoming. I highly recommend your group to any friends who need PT.

- Barbara S

quote Physical therapy was extremely beneficial in recovering from my injury. My experience at FTG exceeded all expectations I had. I was always eager and excited for my sessions. Todd and Mitch are extremely professional and very personable. They are outstanding therapists.

- Trenton Maus

quote I have had PT in the past at other providers, and Fremont gave me better results with NO pain.

- Debbie

quote I am very happy with the outcome of my therapy. I have learned so much and have much more confidence in my daily life than I have had in many years. I used to shuffle, now I pick up my feet. I can go outside and walk; something I haven't done in years. I am confident and very happy.

- Judy Cowen Hodges

quote I was impressed with the numerous modalities of treatment available. In addition to stretches and exercises, my therapist utilized ultrasound, heat, stim, cupping, dry needling. Result-success.

- CC

quote Brent and Courtney rehabbed my knee replacement. Courtney did my shoulder replacement. Tom has worked hard on my balance issues. I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else.

- Ben Freedman

quote When I started therapy I didn't know what to expect, didn't know if it would do any good or not. But after the first visit, I could tell the difference. Each session was an improvement and I was sad when I finished the last one. I enjoyed the entire experience. Thanks very much.

- JC

quote "Following my total knee replacement surgery, physical therapy serves as the perfect way to rehabilitate my everyday movements- walking, standing, sitting, bending and using stairs. I greatly appreciated my therapist staying with me, explaining what I was working on, demonstrating the technique and make sure I did it correctly. I'm extremely grateful for the expertise in guiding me!

- Carol Campbell

quote I was very excited about the treatment plan because Kati understood my difficult problems and knew what to do to help me. We were on a roll until I became ill with some serious infections. I completed 11 sessions, and will after the first of the year get another script from my Dr. to complete my therapy. I have had therapy in other states and in Wyoming, no other facility understood my problems or properly addressed them. I have to drive 150 miles round trip 3 days a week to Fremont Therapy and I still would not go anywhere else. They are the best.

- Carole Boyd

quote When my girl was diagnosed with a developmental delay I knew she would need a strong supportive team to help us through it. When I called Fremont Therapy I was confident they would provide great services, but was unsure if they would do pediatric therapy. They met with us and went through her initial evaluation and provided a plan and were knowledgeable about our coverage options. I could completely trust the team to keep me updated and keep me involved with her home exercises and continued feedback throughout every session. My daughter always looked forward to therapy appointments. We were always treated with an immense amount of love and respect, and the team became a piece of our family. They gave me the confidence to help my child overcome her delay, we wouldn't be where we are today without the support of Fremont Therapy.

- Amber Nation

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