Cupping Therapy


With Cupping or MFD, decompression is used to release tight muscle tissue and improve blood flow, allowing for temporary pain relief. This approach is particularly useful in treating overuse injuries such as bursitis, tendonitis, and other sources of muscle pain (back, neck, 

elbow, shoulder etc.). It is also beneficial following surgery, to lessen scar tissue and activate muscles that have atrophied.

Cupping involves use of a pump, along with plastic vacuum cups that are placed on the skin. With the cups in place, the PT guides patients through active movements that improve mobility and encourages muscles that are not performing to their full potential.

“Cupping allows me to address the muscle, nerves and surrounding tissue simultaneously. The decompression created by the cups reduces pressure in the painful areas, and allows tissue to separate and move without restriction, ultimately leading to better range of motion, more strength and significantly less pain. “

-Jackie Clark, PT, DPT