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Running Analysis 

Our High-Definition Video Motion Analysis System helps runners not only cut time off their race, but also prevent injury.


Similar systems are used to cover sporting events for entertainment purposes, but in the hands of Fremont Therapy professionals, the system becomes a powerful tool for seeing weaknesses and demonstrating performance improvement opportunities.

The program is beneficial to anyone who is interested in improving their performance and/or reducing their risk of injury in any sport or activity.

For running analysis, high-tech software and multiple video cameras work together to capture your running gait and slow your movements to more than 60 frames per second. This allows the physical therapist, along with the participant to detect running or walking deviations that occur too quickly to be detected by the naked eye.

“By isolating specific positions during the running cycle, we can measure certain joint angles to show where your running form may lead to overuse injuries or reduce your chance of optimal performance,” states Tom.

Whether you run for the sake of exercise, fun or competitive purposes, studies show the probability of sustaining an injury that interrupts training can be as high as 50-90 percent.

“It’s not necessarily the running itself, but the way you run that can cause an injury,” states Whittney.

“A runner’s stride can be too long or they can land at awkward angles.” Runners of all levels can benefit from the program as we help them find an efficient running gait and provide them with specific exercises to help strengthen and stretch the muscles necessary for them to improve their performance and to prevent or overcome injuries.”

There are three main objectives for your healthy, efficient running:

1. Mobility: Good range of motion at the hip, knee and ankle
2. Stability: Good control of each joint
3. Strength and power output: Muscles that work correctly for the desired pace of running

“The system is portable,” states Fremont Therapy Group’s partner Brent Kaufman, BS, MPT. “The list of movements that can be captured is endless. Potential applications might also include a golf swing, swim stroke, cycling positions, even work-related movements, such as lifting or carrying, can be captured and analyzed for optimization and injury prevention purposes.”

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