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The comfortable way to minimize your pain

Are you tired of being in pain?

Aching back? Shoulder injury? Chronic Pain? Post-surgery? Aquatic therapy is great for almost any kind of pain. Immersion and flotation have potent benefits. The break from gravity that a pool provides not only makes movement easier but also provides a feeling of safety--and feeling safer with movement is a critical step in all kinds of rehabilitation and pain management. 

Relieve your pain by visiting our aquatic therapy pools. Fremont Therapy Group has therapy pools in all five locations. The warm water helps patients ease into treatment without the added challenge of gravity getting in the way.


Aquatic therapy can be used alone or with traditional outpatient therapies. Because of the buoyancy of water, people can exercise comfortably, improve strength, and gain mobility. The warmth of the water helps decrease pain and promotes healing to injured tissues.  Aquatic therapy exercises are also designed specifically to improve balance and cardiovascular function.

Reasons to try aquatic therapy? 

  • Reduces pressure on joints and the spine
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation 
  • Relaxes muscle spasms and stiffness
  • Supports movement and balance
  • Promotes early cardiovascular recovery 

The natural, soothing pressure of water and the 90-95°F temperature of our therapy pools create a comfortable environment while increasing the blood flow to injured areas. The hydrostatic pressure of the water also helps reduce swelling and improve circulatory efficiency. Patients that may otherwise be unable to exercise, may do so in the pool environment because the buoyancy and resistance of water allow for a much lower load on their joints.


 Who can benefit from aquatic therapy?

Aquatic therapy is prescribed for individuals with a variety of orthopedic conditions, disabilities, and therapeutic exercise needs including: arthritis, sports injury, overuse or repetitive motion injury, orthopedic surgery, back pain, hip, knee and ankle pain, shoulder pain. It may also be prescribed for neurological disorders, including stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, bariatric care and pre-natal exercise. Careful screening and personalized program development by a physical therapist assures safe participation. 

Each clinic has private pool locker rooms with showers and lockers to prepare for each aquatic therapy session.  To ensure patient health and safety, a State of Wyoming endorsed Bromine (non-chlorine) system is used to sanitize the pool.

Below are what patients are saying about their Aquatic Therapy experience at FTG:

“When I first came in, I could barely walk on land because of my ankle injury. I was depressed at my lack of ability to move around. The therapy pool allowed move nearly pain-free and not only helped by injury but my mental well being, too!” - S.M.

“The warm water relaxed my back and allowed me to stand taller and stretch.” - R.M.

“I was nervous to try the pool at first, but the private changing rooms and patience of my physical therapist quickly made me feel at ease. I feel like I get more done in the pool because the water makes moving my knees more comfortable.” - R.P. 

“I love the pool at Fremont Therapy Group! I progressed from using no weights to 5 pound water weights during my work in the pool and I feel so much stronger. This pool helped relieve the tension and pressure in my back. It is a relaxing and calming way to rehab.” -C.M.

 If you would like to learn how aquatic therapy will help you, give us a call and we can schedule a free consultation with one of our physical therapists.