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Concussions and Recovery – What You Need to Know

With student athletes headed back to the playing field, Fremont Therapy Group and Rocky Mountain Sports want to keep them in the game by taking care of their head, down to their toes!Visit us for pre-season comprehensive baseline concussion testing and any concussion related concerns. Remember–early care gets you back to the game!

At Fremont Therapy Group and Rocky Mountain Sports, our staff, through continuing education and research, use the most current and effective evidence-based treatment plans for concussion management.

Did you know that a concussion does not only happen with direct blows to the head?

An injury to the body that causes the head and brain to move back and forth quickly can also cause concussions, even though there is no direct impact to the head. A concussion can occur from blows to the body as well as the head, with or without a helmet, and often occur without loss of consciousness or other obvious signs. While concussions do affect athletes and can occur in any type of sport, they can also affect any of us, and can result from occurrences such as a fall, whiplash, car accidents, etc.

With this type of head injury, it is critically important to seek care immediately as symptoms can often be delayed and lead to much more serious complications if not addressed within 4 days of injury.

“Early intervention with the right approach can significantly improve recovery following a concussion.”, states Tom Davis, DPT who has advanced training in Concussion Management.

Concussions can cause a host of problems for daily self-care, social, school and work connections. Often referred to as invisible injuries, they can’t be seen and are often (subconsciously or otherwise) taken less seriously than other types of injuries.

“Concussions are unique injuries with symptoms and needs that are unique to the individual. At Fremont Therapy, we can identify those individual needs to give patients the best care for recovery.” — ImPACT Trained Athletic Trainer, Adam McFarland

Treating concussions with one of FTG’s trained specialists can significantly help the healing process–our focused and comprehensive approach will get you back to living your life.