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Four Exercises You Can Do at Home While Watching TV

Watching television can be a fun way to spend a night at home. We all have our shows. "Are you still watching?" "Yes, Netflix! I am"

While it is fun to binge-watch a television show, sitting for long periods can be detrimental to your health. Fear not – we have 4 Exercises you can do at home while watching TV

Here are some exercises you can do while enjoying a good show!

  • Sit-To-Stand
  • Leg Figure Eights
  • Elevated Mountain Climbers
  • Tricep Dips

Exercises You Can do At Home While Watching TV

Need help getting started? These exercises will not work for everyone and should not be done if you are experiencing pain. An on-site or telehealth visit with a physical therapist can show you the safe way to exercise, the right number of repetitions, and how to progress the exercises correctly. Remember that all bodies are a little different; physical therapists can teach what is right for YOU!


Photo: Taryn Elliott from Pexels