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Brent KaufmanWelcome from Brent Kaufman

∼Founder and President of Fremont Therapy Group

What started as a small physical therapy clinic in Riverton, Wyoming has now grown to a family of six clinics across our great state. In 1996 Fremont Therapy Group was born out of a desire to provide quality therapy to our rural town of hard working people. It has always been our belief to invest in the town you work--with this we have made a commitment in each FTG community to construct state-of-the art clinics that are worthy of the community's strong work ethic. 

Even more important than our facilities, are the people on our teams. Our absolute greatest asset is each one of our team members.  We work to build a culture of dedicated individuals who are passionate about delivering high-quality, comprehensive care to the community. To further that hometown commitment, each Clinic Director in every FTG location are also invested owners in the company.

It is the people and the care they provide that have helped us become a highly-respected community asset over the past 20 years. 

The strength of Fremont Therapy Group is clearly in each and every team member and their collective passion to help others live an active life.

                                                           Fremont Therapy is proud to be a part of your community!

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