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Aquatic Physical Therapy 

Aquatic Therapy

Our warm water pools offer a gravity-minimized environment for regaining motion, building strength and increasing flexibility. Water supports the patients’ muscles and joints and the resistance of the water is beneficial to building strength. The hydrostatic pressure exerted by the water reduces swelling and relieves joint stress.

Swimming Pool

Aquatic therapy is prescribed for individuals with a variety of orthopedic conditions, disabilities, and therapeutic exercise needs including: arthritis, sports injury, overuse or repetitive motion injury, orthopedic surgery, back pain, hip, knee and ankle pain, shoulder pain. It may also be prescribed for neurological disorders, including stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, bariatric care and pre-natal exercise. Careful screening and personalized program development by a physical therapist assures safe participation. Though aquatic therapy is not recommended for certain medical conditions, the vast majority of people can participate.

Swimming experience is not necessary. Loose fitting, comfortable t-shirt and shorts, or swimwear is appropriate for aquatic therapy sessions. To ensure patient health and safety, a State of Wyoming endorsed non-chlorine system is used to sanitize the pool.

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