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Dry Needling

Dry Needling Therapy

Fremont Therapy Group has therapists trained in dry needling to help with myofascial trigger point pain, or pain coming from the muscles and connective tissues.

The physical therapists are using “dry” needles, without medication or injection, to release the trigger points. While physical therapists and acupuncturists use the same needles, the treatment is very different. Acupuncturists place needles along 'energetic pathways' guided by traditional Chinese medicine. Physical therapists place them directly into muscles and nerve pathways that are the causing the patient pain.

What kind of needles are used?
Our therapists use a thin filiform needle to penetrate the skin. This allows them to target tissues that they can’t reach manually. The needles have a diameter of 0.3mm and usually aren’t felt during the procedure. However, some patients will feel a twinge or twitch when the physical therapist hits the trigger point as well as some possible discomfort. But, ultimately, it will feel better.

How does it work?
Dry needling produces the same effect as injection of local anesthetic in terms of inactivation of trigger points. The twitch or twinge response is a necessary sign that must be obtained in order to insure penetration of the myofascial trigger point.



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