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» Pelvic Floor Rehab (Women's & Men's Health)


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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Physical therapy isn’t only for patients recovering from an orthopedic injury or surgery. Fremont Therapy Group offers specialized physical therapy programs to address several common women's and men’s health issues that affect the bladder, pelvis, prostate and other areas of the body.

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At Fremont Therapy Group we have specialists in women’s health issues. Women’s health physical therapy focuses on the unique needs of women at every stage of life. Our female physical therapists provide women with the ability to manage a variety of conditions and dysfunctions that occur, most notably lumbar and pelvic pain and urinary, fecal and gas incontinence. Through specifically designed exercises and therapy, we work to return our patients back to their normal daily activities as quickly as possible.

Urinary Incontinence

RunningWomen of all ages suffer from incontinence, the involuntary loss of urine. This can occur after surgery, pregnancy, or other conditions. It is not a normal part of aging, and unfortunately, many people do not seek medical attention.

Incontinence is a treatable condition and through physical therapy treatments, many or all symptoms of incontinence can be eliminated. Treatments may include exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor, lifestyle changes, relaxation techniques, and bladder re-training and muscle re-education.

Pelvic Pain

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Studies show one in seven women suffer from pelvic pain, which is pain experienced in the lower abdomen, groin region or buttock. The pain can be sharp, dull or achy and it can be constant or intermittent.  Pelvic Pain can interfere with participating in normal activities, cause changes in bowel or bladder function and cause painful intercourse. Treatments may include manual therapy, exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor, massage and pain relieving modalities and establishing a home self-treatment program.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Care

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a person’s life. Unfortunately it can cause changes in the body that lead to problems including back and rib pain, pubic symphysis pain, sacroilac joint pain, and more. With physical therapy, many women can decrease their symptoms of pain both during and after pregnancy. Treatments may include massage and modalities, use of a support belt, education on proper exercise before and after childbirth, proper body mechanics and activity modification.

Men's Health

Something as simple as a surgery, a fall-related injury or chronic constipation can damage the pelvic floor, leading to incontinence, pain, and/or problems with sexual performance. Chronic constipation can often stem from scar tissue related to an abdominal or prostate surgery or overly tight pelvic floor muscles. Our specially trained physical therapists focus on restoring muscle balance in the pelvic floor.

All patients receive an individualized treatment plan for their specific condition, symptoms and/or needs. For patients with urinary, fecal or gas incontinence, therapists may use biofeedback – a technique which gives direct feedback on what the muscles are actually doing, which will help regain control of the body actions. Our physical therapist may use other technologies, such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation, as needed.

Ultimately, the goal of the Men’s Health Physical Therapy Program is to successfully treat the symptoms, restore function and avoid medications or surgery when possible.

We offer treatment for the following:

• Physical therapy after prostate surgery
• Incontinence (urine, fecal or gas leakage)
• Chronic groin pain
• Swelling of the prostate
• Pinched nerves
• Constipation
• Tailbone pain

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