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» Fremont Therapy Group therapists help Justus Jacobs-State Farm Agents to “Get Moving”
Fremont Therapy Group therapists help Justus Jacobs-State Farm Agents to “Get Moving”

In an effort to help educate the community, Fremont Therapy Group has started offering mini pop-up clinics, where they bring their PTs to local businesses and share tips to help people get moving! FTG’s Get Moving campaign started in house to help get their employees up and moving throughout the day. Now they’re sharing tips with the local insurance agency down the street, Justus Jacobs – State Farm.

Back when the startling statistics came out about the terrible health effects impacting desk-workers, Fremont Therapy Group’s very own office guys and gals looked to their PT co-workers for some pointers. Thus the “Get Moving Challenge” was born.

“Initially this was just a challenge we did in our offices across the state,” said Ally Davis, FTG Marketing Director. “It was a great way for our team to increase physical activity throughout the day and share some laughs too. It was such a great experiment that we wanted to expand the program outside the office.”

At the pop-up clinic, State Farm Agents received one-on-one training. For 30+ minutes, the staff got schooled on proper desk setup, office body mechanics, as well as some strategic stretches and exercises to help them live a healthier lifestyle.

Here’s some highlights to what they learned:

Keyboards and Carpal Tunnel
Aileen Brew – PT, DBT talked in length about the proper placement of the keyboard. Years of strain on your wrists will likely lead to carpal tunnel syndrom down the road. Brew recommended she adjust the tilt on her keyboard to allow for a relaxed, straight line from forearm to knuckles.

The Danger of Dual Monitors
We’re sad to report that according to the experts, your super-convenient, can’t-live-without second monitor may be a cause to that nagging neck pain you feel. Todd Comstock – PTA, CFCE, BA discussed some alternatives, such as a larger monitor to accomodate two browsers at a time and at the bare minimum, centering them both in front of you. But at the end of the day, repetitious head turns to view your 2nd screen can lead to chronic neck pain over time.

Monitor Height
State Farm Staff got 5 Stars for proper monitor placement! Physical Therapy Assistant, Rebecca McDaniel, says “The key is to keep your monitor at eye-level or slightly below so your chin dips ever-so-slightly.”


Posture Perfect
Did you really think we’d make it through this story without reminding you to sit up straight? Tom Davis – PT, DPT, MS, OCS, SCS, CSCS discussed the importance of posture in the workplace, and the right and wrong way to “sit.”

A Strategy for Stretching
Sit, type, reach, repeat. Repetitive desk work is hard, didn’t you know? And it’s also hard on the body when you sit in a similar position for hours on end. Courtney Hansen – PT, MPT, CMTPT demonstrated a list of stretches to open up the chest, neck, and hip flexors. All muscles that can become constricted over time.

All of these concepts and more were taught during Fremont Therapy Group’s very first “Get Moving” Pop-up Clinic.