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Welcome to Fremont Therapy Group

Physical, Occupational and Sports Therapy

Why Choose Fremont Therapy Group?

Our Licensed Staff

Patients enjoy working directly with licensed clinical professionals at every visit. Patients can expect to work with the same highly skilled professionals throughout their care with us.

Our State of the Art Facilities

We operate in modern structures, built specifically for delivering physical and occupational therapy services, and include private treatment rooms, expansive gym facilities, heated aquatic therapy pools, handicap accessibility, and heated entry.

Our Treatments

Our therapists pursue specialized training and certifications in the following areas listed below.

Our Services

Patient Testimonials
  • Judy T.
    3 months ago
    I found the professional staff to be well trained and knowledgeable. Support staff was friendly and welcoming. Would come again should the need arise.
  • S B.
    3 months ago
    Fremont Therapy is a place that will treat a client with respect and will provide outstanding treatment.
  • Carol C.
    3 months ago
    Following my total knee replacement surgery, physical therapy serves as the perfect way to rehabilitate my everyday movements- walking, standing, sitting, bending and using stairs. I'm extremely grateful for the expertise in guiding me!
  • Carole B.
    3 months ago
    I was very excited about the treatment plan because Kati understood my difficult problems and knew what to do to help me. We were on a roll until I became ill with some serious infections. I completed 11 sessions, and will after the first of the year get another script from my Dr. to complete my therapy. I have had therapy in other states and in Wyoming, no other facility understood my problems or properly addressed them. I have to drive 150 miles round trip 3 days a week to Fremont Therapy and I still would not go anywhere else. They are the best.
  • C C.
    3 months ago
    I was impressed with the numerous modalities of treatment available. In addition to stretches and exercises, my therapist utilized ultrasound, heat, stim, cupping, dry needling. Result-success.
  • Kate ..
    3 months ago
    It was the BEST therapy I have received and I have experienced a whole lot of PT
  • Helen M.
    3 months ago
    In the very beginning I was a little skeptical but my therapist, Micah, was great at explaining the treatments, exercises and the result. I've never had a PT therapist explain therapy as well as Micah did
  • J D.
    5 months ago
    Tom Davis is not only extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of physical therapy, his results-oriented professionalism is also an invaluable asset to the clinic. He is empathetic and understanding, yet single-mindedly focused on helping patients achieve full recovery.
  • M T.
    5 months ago
    My treatment was excellent. I needed an aggressive program due to a training program that was interrupted by a torn hamstring. Courtney is amazing, she performeded dry needling as part of my therapy and it was extremely effective. The home program was very good..I’m still using it. Tom did a Running Analysis and it has improved my form and strenghtned my performance. Love them all!!!
  • Alan ..
    5 months ago
    Was treated with compassion and care. Everyone was great and knowledgeable. Laughed a lot. Had fun even though I was in pain. Kept it light."
  • M T.
    5 months ago
    Fremont Physical Therapy Group in Lander is outstanding. The professional staff is experienced and knowledgeable. They all treated me with kindness and respect. I highly recommend this facility.
  • C.T. F.
    2 years ago
    On the first day of my therapy, I limped in with a cane. On the last day and well before, I walked out! Job well done!
  • M. H.
    2 years ago
    You have a wonderful staff, please let them know they are the best and they all care about each patient and it shows!
  • Shelby C.
    2 years ago
    The aquatic therapy was the turning point for me. Things I could not do on land working for me in the pool. After a month in the pool I went to the therapy floor. Yes it was hard work but the best staff were extremely helpful & I could not only see the difference but feel it. My thanks to the staff especially Brent, Elizabeth they reached for me.
  • A. R.
    2 years ago
    Staff was amazing and super helpful! Jeff was great with explaining what my injury was and explaining what the exercises will do! I went from almost no grip strength and range of motion in my wrist to full range of motion and my grip strength almost matching my right hand. I would recommend Fremont Therapy Group to anyone I know. You guys are awesome!
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